Photographic Canvas Gloss
Ink typeEcoSol Max Metallic Ink, EcoXtreme I, EcoXtreme LT, EcoSol Max
ApplicationPhotographic print, Posters & Presentations, Art reproductions

CodeWidth x LengthPrice
RMC-PCG-15-762 762 mm x 15 m 140,00 € *
RMC-PCG-15-107 1067 mm x 15 m 180,00 € *
RMC-PCG-15-137 1372 mm x 15 m 230,00 € *
RMC-PCG-15-152 1524 mm x 15 m 255,00 € *

* all prices are VAT exclusive, shipping costs are not included


Roland RMC-PCG is a is a glossy artist-grade real polyester/cotton blended canvas for highest quality graphic
arts applications. Thanks to the 2:1 structure and the flexible coating, the prints can be framed without edge cracking.

The special developed coating allows a huge color gamut and deep print densities, specifically for Metallic Ink prints. The coated surface is waterfast and the light-stability with Roland EcoSol-Max ink is excellent.

Physical Properties:


420 grams


600 µm


2:1 Structure


Polyester/cotton blended canvas

Typical Uses:

RMC-PCG is developed indoor applications such as:

- Metallic ink prints
- Framed Artwork
- Art reproductions
- Photo-realistic Presentations, Print-outs & Indoor Posters
- High-value indoor signage
- ...

Photographic canvas is ideal for all your high quality prints with an artistic yet durable finish.


Roland DG's experience with digital printers allowed launching a media assortment focused on excellent image performance and easiness in combination with Roland DG equipment.

- 2:1 canvas structure
- Special developed glossy coating for Roland Metallic Inks
- Uniform surface structure and Gloss finish
- Water-fast printouts
- No edge cracking
- Optimized for framing

Printer Ink Configuration Description File size Download
XC-540MTCMYKMtW+Mt W 4,63 Mb  
XJ-640,XJ-740CMYKLcLM 3,46 Mb  
RS-540,RS-640CMYK 3,65 Mb  
SP-300i,SP-540iCMYK 3,57 Mb  
VP-300i,VP-540iCMYK 3,65 Mb  
VS-640,VS-420,VS-540,VS-540/420/300,VS-300CMYKMtW+Mt W 4,17 Mb  
XC-540CMYKLcLM 3,46 Mb  

Title File size Download
Datasheet 631,90 Kb  

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