Photo Paper Gloss
Ink typeEcoUV ink, EcoSol Max Metallic Ink, EcoSol Max
ApplicationPromotional signage, Photographic print, Posters & Presentations

CodeWidth x LengthPrice
SCM-GPPG-20-508 500 mm x 20 m 60,00 € *
SCM-GPPG-40-762 762 mm x 40 m 170,00 € *
SCM-GPPG-40-106 1067 mm x 40 m 210,00 € *
SCM-GPPG-40-127 1270 mm x 40 m 280,00 € *
SCM-GPPG-50-914 914 mm x 50 m 160,00 € *

* all prices are VAT exclusive, shipping costs are not included


Roland SCM-GPPG is a 265 grams photo paper. This high quality paper has a white glossy surface, provided with a special one-sided printable PE coating. High detail and vibrant images are printed in combination with Roland EcoSol-Max inks.

Physical Proporties:


265 grams

Face Material

White Gloss


One-side printable PE

Typical Uses:

SCM-GPPG is developed for applications such as:

- Digital high quality photo prints
- Interior decorations
- Exhibition & fairs
- Point of sale advertising
- Short term outdoor applications
- ...

Ideal for all your high quality prints on glossy paper.


Roland DG's experience with digital printers enables the launch of a media portfolio focused on outstanding image performance and ease-of-use in together with Roland DG equipment.

- Excellent price / performance ratio for high quality promotional graphics.
- Thanks to the special coating, SCM-GPPG can be used for indoor as well as short term outdoor applications.
- This thicker paper combines easy handling with a professional result.

Printer Ink Configuration Description File size Download
VS-640,VS-420,VS-540/420/300,VS-300,VS-540CMYK 3,70 Mb  
XJ-740,XJ-640CMYKLcLM 4,60 Mb  
RS-640,RS-540CMYK 3,60 Mb  
SC-545EXCMYKLcLM 3,41 Mb  
SJ-645EX,SJ-745EXCMYKLcLM 3,41 Mb  
SP-300VCMYK 3,43 Mb  
SP-300i,SP-540iCMYK 3,57 Mb  
VP-300,VP-540CMYKFirmware 3.0 or higher 3,60 Mb  
VP-540,VP-300CMYK 3,60 Mb  
VP-300i,VP-540iCMYK 3,60 Mb  
VS-540/420/300,VS-300,VS-540,VS-640,VS-420CMYKLcLM+ MtW 4,15 Mb  
XC-540CMYKLcLM 4,60 Mb  
XC-540MTCMYKMtWMetallic Ink 1,17 Mb  

Title File size Download
Datasheet 628,92 Kb  

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